New album out in October on Kompakt!


I’m so excited and proud to share the great news that I have today signed an album contract with the legendary Kompakt Records - and that the album will be released in October!

I have been a huge fan of this pioneering label (plus the great artists behind it) since the very early days - and it’s a real honour to join their ranks! - More info on the album coming in a few months !

New Year - New Ground!


Looking back, I spend the main part of my studio time in 2017 working on a new album project which will finally be released at the end of this year.
All the music (and there is a lot!) is in fact done - but I feel that this particular project needs to be released in the fall... so that is the reason it wont be released before October.

But once you get to listen to the album and find out more about the story behind the actual project, you will know why it had to wait... Sonically its a very different from any other album that I have produced before. It is also deeply personal - and at the same time, I also got the chance to work closely together with some truly amazing musicians. There is no doubt in my mind that without them as a big part of the project, it would never have been possible to create the end result that I am so very proud of... and I am eternally grateful for them lending me their unique talents for this particular project <3

Also, I always had a very special (and truly legendary) record label in mind for this album (even since before starting the first recordings) so it was the only people that I ever gave the chance to listen to the music - and luckily they said yes to release it!! <3

In that sense I am breaking new ground with a new sound in 2018... Just like when I walked on this remote, stormy beach on a small island off the west coast of Scotland for the first time in my life, around two months ago - and took this photo.

I am truly excited for what 2018 has in store and I cant wait to share much more info on this new album with you...

In the meantime here is a live recording of my ambient Dj set two weeks ago in Copenhagen:




Out October 5th! Listen to the snippets HERE!

Black Magic Music Video Premiere on Flaunt Magazine


The music video directed by Jason Idris Alami and produced by Spektrum Studios is now premiering on Flaunt Magazine. Read the article HERE and watch below !

Flaunt Magazine X Prada Film Soundtrack #6


I did six individual soundtracks for six short films for Flaunt Magazine and Prada, which you can watch on Flaunt as they are being released. This is the sixth film, featuring Ben O´Toole known from movies like Hacksaw Ridge and Detroit. His voiceover is incredible and propably my favorite of them all to work with...


Kasper Bjørke