By now Kasper Bjørke has build a long, impressive back catalogue - while continuing to push forward, exploring new territory - both as a solo artist, in various studio collaborations and as a remixer and DJ.

On his acclaimed 4th solo album After Forever (2014) Kasper created a new take on contemporary, melancholic synth pop; merging his productions into a multi coloured soundscape with echoes from Post Disco/Punk, Kraut and New Wave. It was a step away from the disco and house sound, that brought him into making music in the late 90ies. The full remix version of the album, "After Forever Revisited" (2015) included luminary interpretations - where especially the Michael Mayer remix grew into a proper club anthem.

Kasper then released a club workout of his own, Fountain of Youth (2016), a 7 track mini-LP which was accompanied by remixes from Weval, Gerd Janson, Marvin & Guy, Multi Culti, Thomas Von Party and Marc Pinol. In 2017, Abstraxion and Kasper Bjorke teamed up for their 2nd collaboration, the EP "Matin / Nuit” - and Kasper also co-produced another EP, entitled “Black Magic” together with French artist Colder, released on New York label Throne of Blood along with remixes by The Golden Filter, Mutado Pintado (Paranoid London) and Pilooski.

Simultaneously though, Kasper was working on something entirely different - which would turn out to be a milestone in his career. The ambient album, The Fifty Eleven Project (released on Kompakt Records in October 2018) is a two hour long completely beat-less ambient voyage. Credited as the efforts of a Quartet, since Kasper recorded and composed the 100% analogue album together with his musician friends Claus Norreen (Synthesizers), Jakob Littauer (Piano) and Davide Rossi (violin, viola and cello). The album was highlighted as #5 on The 10 Best Contemporary Albums of 2018 in The Guardian and on Best of 2018 lists on i-D Magazine and XL8R - while Musik Week named it "A shimmering, nocturnal masterpiece" and Uncut wrote "sketch lines between the modern chamber music of Ólafur Arnalds and the collapsed-star ambience of early Tangerine Dream". Go to the micro-site of the album and read more about the project and the 11 films and the short film, which were created to accompany the 11 compositions, directed by LA based director Justin Tyler Close - - - > HERE!

In the fall of 2019, Kasper will return to club music, with the double EP Nothing Gold Can Stay, while simultanously marking the 10 year anniversary of releasing music on German label hfn Music. Nothing Gold Can Stay explores both the analogue and organic side of his production sound - and also contains some proper club jams which reflects on sounds that he would play, in one of his increasingly rare DJ sets.

As a DJ, Kasper has performed at a long line of the most legendary clubs and festivals around. From Panorama Bar and Watergate in Berlin to Rex Club in Paris, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, D-Edge in Sao Paolo, Fabric in London, Output in New York, Electric Pickle in Miami - and international festivals like Sonar Barcelona, Roskilde, Iceland Airwaves and Calvi on the Rocks. Back home in Copenhagen, he enjoys playing at the small club called Jolene, where he has invited fellow Djs like Marvin & Guy, Justin Strauss, Axel Boman and Tim Sweeney, for some very special 7 hour B2B experiences.

Through the years Kasper has remixed a wide range of established artists like Weval, Sascha Funke, Danielle Baldelli, The Golden Filter, Sonns, Pillowtalk, Colder and Rebolledo via labels like Bella Union, Ghostly International, Kompakt, Permanent Vacation, Multi Culti, Wolf + Lamb, Throne of Blood, etc. Kasper has also released one off compilation tracks on labels like Eskimo, Correspondant and Hippie Dance (YAYHF).

Kasper occasionally makes music under the side project moniker The Mansisters with his Icelandic friend Jon Atli Helgasson aka Sexy Lazer. They released their debut “E.P. Phone Home” on Canadian My Favorite Robot Records in 2012 and they have since then released their weirdo dark dance via Correspondant, Relish Recordings - and as part of a series of EP releases under the imprint name Sisters & Brothers - via hfn Music. Sisters & Brothers is sometimes music produced by themselves and sometimes by their friends - but always curated by The Mansisters. The fourth Mansisters EP "Queens of the Night" was released in April 2019.

Finally, Kasper is making music for advertisement, including brands like Prada, Nike, Puma and many more... 

“The past decade has seen Bjørke steadily rising amongst the ranks of artful, eclectic electronic producers…” XLR8R

"Kasper Bjørke definitely makes art. Each production feels assured with the Scandinavian impacting a genuine sense of the cerebral into his music"  Clash Music

Kasper Bjørke