Panthera Krause: Road To Arcadia (Kasper Bjørke Disko Rework)


My remix is out now on one of my fave labels, Riotvan!

Premiered on Thursday at Torture The Artist

Flows - Its All Connected


"Line of Life" taken from The Fifty Eleven Project album, has been adapted into the soundtrack of the new climate change documentary "Flows - Its All Connected", directed by Klaus Thymann.

In breathtaking images the film starts in the burning Amazon and continue to show the global environmental consequences of the burning forest and other polluting factors.

Flows – It’s All Connected starts in the Amazon rain forest and we see how burning the forest for cattle grazing leads to soil degradation and fertilizer runoff. Combined with other nutrients entering the oceans, as well as increased climate heating of the ocean, it has created the perfect storm for a sargassum algae bloom – the biggest ever seen before in history.

The algae straddles the beaches, affecting sea turtles, and when rotting it becomes toxic as well as loaded with nutrients. These pollutants flow back to the sea again creating a double negative feedback loop.

Thom Yorke created the soundtrack for the first film which you can watch HERE!

Nothing Gold Can Stay - Limited Edition Vinyl


The double EP has been released on limited edition orange transparent vinyl, Part A on side A - and you guessed it, Part B on Side B ! Grab it HERE!

Nothing Gold Can Stay (Part B)


Part B of the double EP "Nothing Gold Can Stay" is strictly club music inspired. Three tracks that reflects on the sounds I would play in one of my DJ sets these days. You can listen to the release HERE



I recently released the double EP "Nothing Gold Can Stay". 

Part A contains four tracks, featuring collaborations with dear friends of mine on vocals:

1. Water (feat. Toby Ernest)

2. Seabird (feat. Christian d´Or and Toby Ernest)

3. Du Du Du (feat. Tomas Høffding)

4. Nothing Gold Can Stay (feat. Justin Strauss)

"Seabird" is a cover version of the Alessi Brothers classic (1976). As it was ten years since I released my last cover version (of The Rolling Stones "Heaven") I felt inspired to do a new one and it felt right to make "Seabird" fly again.

The double EP is named after the Robert Frost poem Nothing Gold Can Stay from 1923 and Justin Strauss is reciting the poem on the closing track.

You can listen to the full EP HERE

Kasper Bjørke