Goodbye ´14 / Hello ´15

The past year has been characterized by both good and bad experiences for me. A real rollercoaster…. I lost the man who was like a father to me for as long as I can remember. It was the lowest, most heartwrenching point of my life. Then a few months later, the birth of my first child was the complete counterpoint; a magical and mindblowing moment. Both experiences have changed me forever - so life and death has certainly defined 2014 for me… I will remember it always, as the year where the parent who is responsible for so much good influence, f.ex. bringing music into my life, was taken away from me - and the same year where the biggest gift, a child, was given to me... It was also the year where I released my fourth solo album, After Forever. An album that means alot to me personally - and I am very grateful and happy to see it being so well received.I also had the chance to DJ in some truly amazing venues around the world, have so many people dance to my jams - and not least work with some amazing talent - both as a producer, remixer and artist manager. I look forward to 2015 which will will surely be very busy - yet starting off quite softly due to the recent arrival of my son, with my first gig at Robert Johnson in Frankfurt on January 17th. I wish you a Happy New Year - and thank you for the continued support of my music... Love,Kasper

Kasper Bjørke