Superbacon EP, released on Tensnakes label Mirau, marks a new era in the collabo between Tomas Barfod and I - its our first 12" together in years - and with a new sound to it. - You can call it Symphonic Disco-trance, if you like.

Maybe its the fact that we have had a few years break from working together in the studio, while taking time to focus on solo outputs and, in Barfods case, bandlife with WhoMadeWho, or maybe its because we discovered some ancient herb in the tent of some hippie at Roskilde Festival after playing a marathon this summer (check the videoclip) - in either case Superbacon EP has a genuine freshness to it that has already gotten some serious hype by Erol Alkan, Michael Mayer, etc - and Pete Tong played it on his Radio1 show.

The EP is named after the party concept that we take to the clubs around the globe (so far we have hit Berlin, Copenhagen, Roskilde Festival, Stuttgart and Malmö hard - and many more wil come) - representing the finest from the local clubscene... Because as you all know - crispy, Danish pork is our prize export ?


Kasper Bjørke