Klint - Official music video

Directed by Danish now New Yorkian director Elvira Lind (‘Songs for Alexis’, ‘Twiz’n Tuck’, ‘Bobbi Jene’, ‘Gravity’ for Trentemøller etc) and edited by documentary director and editor Benita Vlok, the video is a sensitive portrait about Frank, a restless teenager trapped in Suburbia boredom.

“I met Frank when I was shooting a feature documentary about his brother Ryan.”, says Lind. “I filmed with Frank over the course of a year and returned some years later when his mom sold the house and Frank had to pack down his room. Frank is stuck in the most boring, edgeless surroundings, constantly seeking boundaries and urgently attempting to establish his identity as a rebellious skater that no one can control. He is in constant movement but seems helplessly trapped. Destruction makes time pass, and his endless bursts of creativity never finds any recipients."

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Kasper Bjørke